The Gathering - Re-Think Church
A Two-day Youth Conference

September 15-16, 2017
     Fri. Sept. 15 6pm-9pm
     Sat. Sept. 16 10am-9pm
Cedar Grove Baptist Church
10330 144 Street, Surrey
Early Bird Registration: $20
At the Door: $25.00
Saturday lunch included

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Kevin Cavanaugh
Steve Masoud
Josh Arriola

Identity In Christ So often it seems like Christians are labelled by what we DON'T do. What we avoid, what we don't approve of, what we condemn. What if we were Christians that lived a life all about what we GET by being a Child of God? Focussing more on who we are, and less on what we aren't. Wouldn't that be a more exciting Christianity?

Breaking Apathy Jesus said that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all of your mind. But what happens when we simply don't desire God? This workshop explores how we can fulfill the radical change that is required from The Greatest Commandment in the light of the cross.

LGBTQ "Born this way" From generations past, there have been different views on "self awareness" and seeking one's own identity. This workshop will discuss Biblical insights on how God sees us, and how we can live Christ-exalting lives in a challenging world of relativism.

Gospel & Social Justice We live in an age and time where everyone is pursuing some form of social activism whether it is for the betterment of a particular community or fighting for the basic rights that every individual is entitled to. How do we keep the Gospel at the centre of engaging in social activism? How are we to focus on the eternal hope in Christ while still addressing the instant needs of the marginalized in the here-and-now?

Missions: Crossing Boundaries Jesus crossed boundaries to carry out His Father's will. He has sent us into the world to carry out the same purpose of crossing boundaries to make his love and light known. How do we do this locally and internationally? Learn God's call and purpose for us; hear first hand mission experiences; and strategies for success in missions.

Youth Leaders Breakout