Women's Ministries

Our Mission

The BCBC Women's LINC Team exists to facilitate:

  1. Leadership, training, and equipping
  2. Involvement and encouragement
  3. Networking and resourcing
  4. Communication and celebration of diversity to the Glory of God

We seek to do this by:

  1. keeping your women’s ministry informed of available training events
  2. providing audio-visual resources
  3. providing a speaker resource list for your special events
  4. hosting network events for leaders

LINC Team Member

Chris Newton, BCBC & BGCC Liaison

It is a privilege and joy to serve my home church (Calvary Baptist Church), BCBC, BGC National Women and the School of Women in Ministry. Being a part of our conference has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people of God across Canada, we have a wonderful 'coast to coast' family working together. Trevor and I have 4 children and 4 grandchildren and are truly blessed. We will continue to work together, serving the Lord where ever He calls us.